Monday, August 23, 2010

Facepage or whatever

The definition of Insanity.... doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results.... why do I attempt to act normal.... do normal shit....why... oh why... do I listen when I'm told... "Go ahead... it'll be fun....."

Maris:... "Mother, oh dear mother... do join Facepage... it will be fun..."

Me:.... "No, no... I can't figure it out I tried.... remember a couple years back when Diddle Nuts told your sister I was stalking him on Facepage" Hahahah That was so funny."

Maris:..."It's called facebook Mother... and now we have a computer... it might be fun to snoop. Everybody does it. It's fun, you can find old friends."

Me:.... "Most of my old friends are dead.... I guess there might be one or two."

Maris:..."Oh, you always think something bad will happen..... nothing bad will happen... go ahead... just do it."

Me:..."It's a happy thing then?"

This is me doing Facepage:

This is me two hours later:

Maris:.... "OH MOTHER..... What has happened!!!????"

Me:...."I found an old "friend".... I guess I kinda forgot how bad of an asshole I used to be...."

What kind of guy remembers every little indignity.... 40 years after the fact....

Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.


  1. Some people have memory archives like elephants... especially for the bad stuff... but sheesh, if 25 or 30 or 40 years later they still can't get over it, better write 'em off, and refuse them access to your Facepage...

    Funny, in France the name "Facebook" is pronounced "fesse bouc", or the ass of a goat !

    Quite appropriate in some cases I think...

  2. for whatever reasons reading this sent the tune "Que Sera Sera" bumbling around in the menagerie otherwise known as my brain

    I hate it and yet am stuck with it as a link to family I rarely get the fortune of visiting in person. all the family I don't wish to visit with got deleted shortly after I welcomed them to my facebook page as it seems their drama found its way to cyberspace as well.

    FB provides me with occasional 'off with their head' moments.....delete delete delete oh I love to delete

  3. "facepage or whatever".

    I love your posts.

  4. You're a hoot...!

    I found someone I knew when we were both five years old. I don't even want to tell you how long ago that was. The amazing thing is, she remembered me. I don't know whether that was good or bad. :-)

  5. somebody who needs to get a life.

  6. I got talked into joining by my daughter. I have accumulated many "friends" so I feel like I can't get out of it now or they will think I don't like them. But to be honest I don'gt really like it. It seems like an excuse for stalking to me.

  7. Yeah, I don't love Facebook either. The people I'd like to connect with aren't there, and I don't really care about most of the stuff folks are posting about. Blogging, on the other hand, is so much better because you read people who interest you and skip the rest. And the people who read you LIKE you and are going to be a lot nicer than that guy.

  8. Exactly folks..... You would think I was the only person that ever got married while I was engaged to someone else.....

    All things considered... he was the lucky one...

  9. I kind of like Facebook. It's like blogging without the effort, plus I get to hear from various interesting people who want me to know what they had for dinner. No, really, I have come across some interesting people through mutual friends. It's kind of fun. Anyhow, I friended someone with your name. It might even be you.
    The girl who took my virginity sent me adorable pictures of herself from back when we were committing statutory rape. She even said that her memories of me were fond. She even sent me pictures of herself with Mr Right. They both looked very happy. She was a beauty then and now. Other than a twinge of jealousy towards Mr Right, I really enjoyed the whole thing.
    Come to think of it, I hear from several old girlfriends on Fecesbook. It's all very sweet.

  10. Don't worry, next week it will be fashionable to belong to some new kind of "internet idiocy". Facebook will be sooooo yesterday. Who can keep up with this? Who wants to? Besides, I feel like I am trying to be like "one of them". I'm not, and I don't think you are either.

  11. I am not interested in Facebook,my family and friends can keep in touch via Email,telephone or my blog.Blogs are different,we are not under pressure to write one every day,we choose who we follow and they do not get upset if we do not comment on every post.
    From what my G daughters tell me,their friends on Facebook get really nasty if they do not follow them all the time.
    Leave Facebook to the youngsters who like this kind of thing and have no skeletons in the cupboard to be broadcast to the world.!!!

  12. Facebook + my mother-in-law = a thorn surgically implanted into my side. That website was made for stalkers like her.

  13. stupid facebook and how dare he remember shit!

  14. I do the facebook thing but I'm picky about who I "friend". Except for my god-daughter (13) who posts a constant stream of nonsense. When it gets too much, I log off for a few days and forget about it.
    Yup - it's not like blogging. Blogging is much more fun and especially when it's yours.
    Mad x

  15. PS Sent you a couple of e-mails to your hotmail address, please let me know if they came through to you ok...

  16. Oh Owen....

    A manners faux paw.... brought on by the sheer beauty of your photography... (read.... your fault)...

    And my nocturnal run in with Ansel Adams... wherein I was forced to beat his ass.... (read... Ansel's fault)....

    Like I said... Ansel was in black and white till I kicked his ass over possession of your photograph... then by golly he was in full color....

  17. Beats me why people hold on to crap like that. Was the first thing he said something like "I remember you, you're the one who married someone else while you were engaged to me?" What *was* he thinking? :)

  18. I've had a number of old boyfriends find me on FB.

    I kinda preferred to keep them in the past -- or duct-taped into a sleeping bag at the bottom of the river, like the police always suspected...


  19. I love your blog!

    This looks so delicious!

    Have a nice time!

  20. Oh hello "Paula"...... what looks delicious! dear? The penguin?? Paula... do you eat penguin? How does it taste..? OR MAYBE it is the stick figure ass that looks so delicious...
    I wouldn't know about that either dear. I'll just be taking your word for it.

  21. I confess, I'm addicted to facebbok. It lets me keep in touch with all my family/old friends/ex-flatmates who are scatteredd across the globe. I'm not afraid of unfriending people though. A few days ago I deleted an old friend who updates his status at least once an hour and 75% of the time it seems to be about Eminem/how he loves Eminems new album/bits of Eminem lyrics. Who gives a flying monkey's?!


Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.