Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes, but JUST sometimes, I wish I was a "self proclaimed" asshole.  Sadly, I am not ...

 When I have tried to be "nice" bad, really horrible things happen to me and to those I love.  So to the world at large I say..... I'm an Asshole!  WIPE ME you MF'ers.

Now that that is out of the way, let me get down to the "bidness" of all the glory here at Rancho.

I briefly entertained the idea of selling and just getting the fuck out of Dodge.  But then I thought... my work here isn't done.... but, poverty rears it's ugly head and I have to rethink my possibilities.  I need to buy a cemetery plot here in the city of Rancho... and a sizable marker. 

I have been thinking and debating on the epitaph for this "grave of all graves".  My name will appear on the marker (that goes without saying) but the epitaph.  I'm considering:  Here the Asshole lies... face down so you can KISS MY ASS.

I might add that I have ABSOLUTELY no intention of this being my final resting place... nor do I intend to have one for many many years to come.

Your thoughts on raising money and epitaphs will be greatly appreciated.

Now then...here's a little something that one of my daughters in Chicagoland sent me....


In "other news" I am trying to answer those who commented last month with private e-mails. 

Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February, 2012

I haven't had time to read about the new Googlie-do policy.

FB has eaten the left side of my brain.... not to make lite of all the great prostitute contacts I get in my e-mail everyday from some sort of bug I picked up from my very first FB contact (remember? I wrote about the old flame I found...). The upside being that he gave me a computer bug in my old age and not a vaggie bug in my youth. Life always has it's silver linings.

Life has been worse than usual here at Rancho.... and that is a mouthful folks. I'm having to force myself into each new day. It has been my remaining children and friends that are pulling me kicking and screaming back into the mainstream of life.

Oddly enough, I think of many of you here on Blogger as some of my best friends. I think of you everyday.

There isn't anything you can do to help... if you are a praying sort then ask God to sort this for me.

I'm not the type to fall apart... I really wish I could.

If you read this... do a kindness for someone who can't help themselves.

Always, always, kiss your children and tell them how much you love them... even if you have a little asshole in the bunch. It is good to not have regrets.

Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.