Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes, but JUST sometimes, I wish I was a "self proclaimed" asshole.  Sadly, I am not ...

 When I have tried to be "nice" bad, really horrible things happen to me and to those I love.  So to the world at large I say..... I'm an Asshole!  WIPE ME you MF'ers.

Now that that is out of the way, let me get down to the "bidness" of all the glory here at Rancho.

I briefly entertained the idea of selling and just getting the fuck out of Dodge.  But then I thought... my work here isn't done.... but, poverty rears it's ugly head and I have to rethink my possibilities.  I need to buy a cemetery plot here in the city of Rancho... and a sizable marker. 

I have been thinking and debating on the epitaph for this "grave of all graves".  My name will appear on the marker (that goes without saying) but the epitaph.  I'm considering:  Here the Asshole lies... face down so you can KISS MY ASS.

I might add that I have ABSOLUTELY no intention of this being my final resting place... nor do I intend to have one for many many years to come.

Your thoughts on raising money and epitaphs will be greatly appreciated.

Now then...here's a little something that one of my daughters in Chicagoland sent me....


In "other news" I am trying to answer those who commented last month with private e-mails. 

Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.


  1. I love eagle cams; I hope you enjoy watching this one. And I figure if anybody can come up with a great epitaph, it would be you! I'm going to be cremated, so I'm thinking I should plan an epitaph that gets run in the local paper as part of my obituary.

  2. I'm donating my body to science so won't need to worry about an epitaph. If I were to use one, it would just be an etching of my middle finger.

  3. they can just put me in the oven and turn me into a crispy critter. no epitaph needed.

  4. You are going to hate this comment, but I hope I can redeem that a little bit by the fact it springs from fondness.

    Write your autobiography, give it some noble title like The American Dream, and get yourself invited on the Colbert Report. Think of it as a charitable project for all the people in the nation who need to hear what you have to say. I mean it. Please don't ban me.

  5. PS. You might want to know that there may be a glitch with leaving comments via Firefox - at least I couldn't manage it this time and had to open Internet Explorer to do it.

    Be well.


Go ahead, tell me how disgusting this is and how I shouldn't be allowed to Bloggerfy anymore.